Kids Muay Thai Boxing instills discipline, confidence, strength, and essential life skills.

Intense, effective workout for improved fitness, strength, and overall well-being.

Balanced nutrition is crucial for energy, health, and optimal daily performance.

Confidence is the key to success and personal growth in life.

  • Billed weekly


  • $ 25
    • Anti-Bullying
    • Build Confidence
    • Skilful Fun
    • Friendship
    • Guaranteed Results
  • Billed Weekly


  • $ 25
    • Self Defence Skills
    • Improved Focus
    • Physical Fitness
    • Coordination
    • Happy Customers
Kings Kids
  • Billed monthly

    Kings Kids

  • $ 25
    • From age 5 to 13 y.o.
    • Respect and Discipline
    • Teamwork
    • Cultural Awareness
    • Goal Setting

With Kids Muay Thai Boxing RAISE YOUR CONFIDENCE

Nurture your children's self-esteem with Kings Academy Kids Muay Thai boxing, helping them grow with unwavering confidence.


5 to `13 years


Self Defence

Anti Bullying

Self Defence

Build Confidence

skilful fun

Build Confidence

Discover the Perfect Kids Muay Thai Boxing Class for Your Child

Located in the heart of Auckland CBD, our Kings Academy Kids Muay Thai classes offer an exciting opportunity for children to discover their potential. Join us at 60 Airedale Street, where our experienced instructors foster discipline, fitness, and self-confidence in a safe and supportive environment. Give your child the gift of empowerment and watch them flourish in our Muay Thai Boxing classes.



At Kings Academy, we pride ourselves on the expertise and professionalism of our trainers. Leading our Thai class is Kru Yo, a seasoned veteran of over 300 professional Muay Thai fights. Having hung up his gloves, he now dedicates his time entirely to coaching, channeling his passion for the sport into nurturing our future champions. Kru Yo is not just a coach; he's a mentor who genuinely connects with each child, understands the expectations of parents and caregivers, and commits to helping every young athlete reach their full potential. His achievements, including winning the WKN Muay Thai World Title in Auckland in 2020, stand testament to his exceptional skill and deep understanding of the sport. With knowledge that is second to none, Kru Yo ensures that your children are in capable hands at Kings Academy. Under his guidance, they will not only learn the art of Muay Thai but also imbibe the discipline and dedication needed to achieve their goals. Rest assured, your kids are on the right path to success.


Join Kings Academy for expert training in a wide range of martial arts, including Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, and BJJ. Our academy is dedicated to fostering discipline, fitness, self-defense skills, and a supportive community for enthusiasts of all ages. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, our programs in these diverse combat sports offer an enriching experience that balances physical conditioning with technical mastery. Embrace the journey of martial arts with Kings Academy, where every discipline is a path to personal growth and community building.

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